Saturday, November 10, 2012


 A couple days have passed and I finally received a few quotes for the dice. No other Chinese companies do not even want to talk to you about having dice made unless you're needs are able to meet there minimum order quantity or MOQ. Some of the smaller companies have an MOQ of 10,000 units and they could take a number of weeks to produce. Then there are some companies who have a faster turnaround time, a larger facility and slightly better prices but their MOQ usually starts around 20,000 units. For Dominion of the gods I have three separate dice types that I need produced. After talking to a couple of the bigger companies in China (who are also more reliable because of their size) a received a quote of $4500 to get the diced done.
 I mention this because there was a number people when we ran our kickstarter who had a lot to say about our funding goal being to high. One of the funnier things about this is that, not one of them even included the dice when they were talking about what my prices were and how I was asking for too much. Right off the bat, here is a $4500 cost for something that they would even take into account. This does not include printing, packaging, sculpting, materials, production costs, painting costs and marketing. This was just the price for the dice alone.
 So next week I'm probably going to be making the arrangements to get the dice started so that we can launch Dominion of the gods in the near future.

I think the interesting thing happened right after the Dominion of God's kickstarter didn't fund. I was hearing from people telling me that I should run it again, which may happen but I need to have more production done on the models before I even think of this. I'm still waiting on the sculpts for the ice giant, the troll, Brynhild, and Medusa. Once they're finished I have something to send in to production and start to work its way through painting.
 The interesting thing came when some people mentioned doing a Spinespur kickstarter. The last time I put serious work into Spinespur was just before my ex-wife and I divorced. I had to focus pretty hard on keeping all the rights to Comfy Chair Games and its properties. The ex-wife wanted me to liquidate the company, so I had to buy her out. This is where the hiatus came from with the company.

Anyway I went through some old files when this was suggested. There's times that you do so much work on something, that you forget just how much work you did. I delved into my game's file, open the Spinespur file and looked through a lot of old work that I did. My file for Spinespur: Covenant surprise me a bit, because I had forgotten about all the work that was done on stories, characters and the street chum game that allows people to play a Mordheim type game with thugs for Spinespur. I'm still going over a lot of the information in those files, but I think this could make a pretty cool addition for a Kickstarter campaign.

This is an image of “the distended.” These are bodies of people who died in Spinespur and had their carcasses pushed into the sewers. The bodies bloated from the water and became putrid due to the waste matter from the sewers. For some reason unknown to most, these bloated, puss-bags became animated and shamble around Spinespur leaving a trail of putrid air behind them.
 The Mortigant was another concept I came across. it's essentially the Dark faiths answer to the grave golem. I remember having thoughts of colossal battles between these two macabre monsters.

So while I'm waiting for some of the production work for Dominion of the gods to be finished, I think I'm going to be delving back into Spinespur and preparing for another run at Kickstarter. God knows I have enough to start working with.

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