Saturday, November 3, 2012

In the beginning....There was Kickstarter.

 My intention for this blog is not to be a sugary sweet “everything is fine in rainbow land” type of a blog. I am creating this blog with the current intention of being honest about this industry, what goes on in the industry, and what kind of work goes into creating some of the product that we make at CCG. Hopefully this will turn out  to be a semi-interesting read.

**Warning** While creating this blog I am simply speaking into my Dragon dictation machine. I think it's a terrific little device, but is prone to spelling errors and of course the grammatical errors that I am very well known for. So reading your own risk, much like the Necronomicon some of the spelling and punctuation can drive you to madness.

Today, is the day after the end of our “Dominion of the gods” kickstarter. I have spent most of the morning answering e-mails and posts by people who are interested in the game and worried that the game won't be produced because the kickstarter didn't accomplish funding.

This is been a lesson in following your feelings to me. I listened to a lot of people's input on what the funding goal should've been for the kickstart, when somewhere deep down I knew I should've listened myself only. Personally, I would have posted the funding level around $8000. Ultimately it was me who decided to listen to everybody else in the fault lies in my own lap.

I'm not trying to make any excuses for the kickstarter missing its funding, however the entire campaign was like a comedy of one kick to the nuts after the other. Let me explain. When I decided to create the kickstarter I gave myself a three-month time frame to launch. I knew there was a lot of work to get done in order to launch a professional looking campaign. So I took the three-month time frame to begin putting together a professional looking presentation. I used everything I learned in flash animation, Adobe After Effects, basically the entire Adobe suite, and I got down to putting together videos and making the art and all the other stuff that goes into creating a presentation.

 From the beginning, the Amazon system kickstarter uses to authenticate bank accounts would not recognize the bank I use for three days. We found our kickstarter following up 2 very large companies who decided to take advantage of kickstarter as well. We were directly competing for dollars with a company who was making chibi versions of the popular 1980s cartoon (I just see this as bad taste because they don't own the licensing and the idea wasn't originally theirs.) I have often joked that I was going to start a chibi Thundercats line if they could get away with that. Anyway, I digress. The next hurdle was the fact that the sculptors were all behind schedule, with the exception one. Tim Prow was a sculpting machine for me during this time and I will always remember his efforts in this capacity. Somewhere within this period of time, Reaper miniatures who just came off a $3 million kickstarter campaign held and artists conference/retreat which took many of the sculptors I was using away from work. What else could go wrong?

Anyway, were over that hump now. Dominion of the gods has received a lot of positive attention to the point where I'm looking at where we go from here. One thing is for sure, but make sure I am going to make sure that all the greens are in my hands before I move any further with Dominion of the gods.

At current count, the Cyclops, Minotaur, Athena, Aries and Achilles are finished their sculpting stages. Medusa is the only model for the Greek box set that were waiting on. I intend to get these models made into Masters and painted before I try any further promotions with that Quickstart box set.
The Norse box set has Thor and Jokul Frosti finished sculpting, and I have seen pictures of Brynhild partially sculpted. I just assigned the troll to Tim Prow who said he will be starting it on Monday.  I'm still waiting on pictures of the Frost giant.


  1. Well I'm with you Brother, ready and waiting!!

  2. As they as, "When it rains, it pours"...