Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Breaking the silence.

 Hello people and happy new year. This blog has been quiet for a little while and I'm here to break the silence and let you know what's been going on with comfy chair games. Although it's been quiet, that does not mean that I have not been at work behind the scenes getting things ready.

 Dominion of the gods had met with a few minor incidences. We did not make our kickstarter funding as some of you well know, but there've been other setbacks as well. None of these setbacks are going to prevent us from releasing Dominion of the gods! I had 3 sculptors completely flake out on the delivery of the promised miniatures. Of course as am sure you realize, this did nothing but make the creation of the game that much harder. Needless to say, I'm probably going to avoid using these 3 sculptors in the future.
 On the good news front, we are putting the final touches on having the Cyclops made as we speak and I have the Masters for many of the other sculpts being finished now. The Cyclops will go on sale as a solo piece allowing people to purchase the miniature early. The other models from the Greek box set are finished sculpting and in their master form. They should also be available shortly for purchase. There's a few of the mud like to get professionally painted before I leaked photos of them onto the web. The Medusa in particular is gorgeous and you have not seen anything like this sculpt before!

As some of you may know, I'm finishing a degree in visual communications in March. I'm using elements from my soon to come Spinespur Kickstarter as part of my capstone project. My goal is to have the campaign up and running in time for grading. My logic behind this is, what teacher would be able to look at capstone project making money and give you anything less than a superb grade?

The Spinespur Kickstarter will contain plenty of great surprises for those of you who are willing to support it. A few of the things we have made up our minds that will be included in the kickstarter are as follows.

  1. A one-time only hardback version of Spinespur: Threshold that will also contain the names of everybody who purchased one of these hardbacks through the kickstarter campaign.
  2.  An actual printed deck of official cards for use with the Spinespur  game.
  3.  If we make our goal of $6000 we will have the last handful of models completed to finish off the Threshold book. At this level we will also include a copy of Beta version "Street Chum" for everybody who bids over (I believe it is the $30 mark.) Street Chum is a minigame set in Spinespur where players create gangs, and fight each other to grow the gang in strength and abilities. This game includes some appearances of some well-known Spinespur personalities.
  4.  When we talk about stretch goals, we have included various forms of thugs and other models that people who pledge the $45 or more mark or higher will receive for free when unlocked. Currently I believe there are 6 different on lockable models before the Chop Doc pack becomes unlocked. The Chop Doc pack will need to be purchase, but it includes all 4 doctors from the upcoming book Spinespur: Covenant. After they are unlocked, we have 4 more stretch goals planned that will be added for free for pledges over $45.

 As you can see, we have a lot of good stuff planned for the Spinespur Kickstarter that will hopefully draw a lot of attention and allow us to kick it to the next level.

 There are other things being worked on as well, but they are not a priority. I will explain briefly, but again I would like to point out that these are not a priority.
 In my free time I enjoy randomly drawing things that strike me. One of the things that have always been a favorite subject matter of mine are monsters, both mythological and modern. My art books are full of monster sketches. During my free time when I need to walk away from some of the work done on Spinespur (after all, you can't dwell there too long without it changing you) I have been digitally coloring and mastering some of these pictures to eventually make into a type of board games/card game. More of this will be spoken of when we get closer to completion, but nobody should hold their breath on this.

Comfy Chair Games will also be releasing a small line of miniatures inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. The Masters for the mi-go have already been created. This line will lovingly be known as Comfythulhu. More to come on this as it develops.

 Lastly, I have been doing a lot of research into resins. That's my belief that sometime soon I should have some of the larger pieces that were created for W.I.L.Dfire created in resin. This means that the mechanical gorilla that weighs close to 3 pounds in metal will suddenly become a possibility in resin.

 That's pretty much everything for now. I will try not to leave such a gap between posts in the future.

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